Many of our seasoned investigators have been recognized by various courts as bilingual experts when conducting interviews or interrogations in English and Spanish. Additionally, our staff has the distinction of having several multi-cultural experts with specialization in Latin America.

Moonstone does not deploy investigators simply because they may speak two or more languages. In our expert opinion that would be a complete disservice to our clients. Our bilingual investigators have the necessary cultural expertise to interrogate or interview appropriately, to make themselves understood, and to understand the essence of the information gathered from the persons being interviewed. We have no mix-ups or misunderstandings when it comes to translations.

Case in point: in 2009, our CEO, Al Kotero, provided expert consultation to a group of attorneys who for weeks had been debating the proper tactical approach to defending against a criminal prosecution. Their client was facing a lengthy incarceration if convicted. Al not only verified that the literal translation of a statement was technically correct, but, more importantly, he was able to demonstrate that a cultural colloquialism had not been properly translated or considered. His position was that, if given its proper consideration, the cultural translation had the potential to rebut an otherwise incriminating statement. The attorney and his team relied on this vital expert opinion to radically alter their defense strategy.