Moonstone’s training and experience is not derived from a single source – our approach to security and investigations is a synthesis of the best techniques developed by leading law enforcement agencies. Moonstone’s professional services integrate both the practical experience of our managers and field agents gained from years of professional law enforcement employment and our cooperative interaction with federal, state, local, and international law enforcement agencies. Our agents are not just former employees of law enforcement agencies who simply sit at desks and write reports. Moonstone managers and agents are have actual working backgrounds as investigation team leaders, which means real field experience that includes leading and directing teams conducting criminal and civil investigations, and we continue to actively participate in every aspect of our investigative and security services. Moonstone’s integrated suite of security and investigation services provides a functional platform from which we develop professional working relationships with our clients and their organizations. Our totally customized protocol is based on the individual needs of our clients and the nature of their situation or risk assessment.


Moonstone’s management team and staff have provided security and investigative services in cases involving executive protection, estate security, work-place violence, corporate espionage, employee integrity, drug policy compliance, visits by foreign government dignitaries, elected officials, and celebrities, special events, copyright violations, asset protection, insurance fraud, sporting events, C.E.O. and Chairman of the Board protection, crisis management, and anti-terrorist security. We have also served as technical consultants, conducted specialized surveillance and undercover operations, and have provided security and investigative training, security assessments, and security system development to our clients.