Organizations focused on their business plan require experts in the field of security to assess, develop and determine the organization’s security plans. Important decisions today may impact an organization for years to come. Moonstone security experts have served as technical experts not only in the private sector but also as career law enforcement officers. Our security consultants provide superior guidance to the management team of the organization or to its existing security team in order to keep property and people secure.

Moonstone’s security platform provides expert advice to achieve maximum crime deterrence in addition to creating and implementing viable plans that address the myriad security concerns and threats faced by the organization. Moonstone consulting services include, but are not limited to, general assessment, peer-review, audits, and policy development. Moonstone’s experience in campus and estate security is vast – we have designed and operated many types of security systems which employ the latest technological advances when it comes to surveillance cameras, alarms, motions sensors, remote monitoring, and more. As a result, we are prepared to provide expert advice to our clients. In order to maintain our objectivity and to give the best possible advice to our clients, Moonstone does not sell any type security equipment. Our goal is to perform the necessary site surveys and research in order to provide unbiased opinions and make the most appropriate recommendations for each of our clients’ unique situations.