Moonstone’s comprehensive experience includes providing executive protection to CEOs, Chairmen of the Board, and similar high profile individuals in the course of their regular business, personal, or social activities, as well as in situations involving crisis management or special events. Moonstone fields only the most qualified agents for these important tasks. Our security agents are selected based on the unique needs of each client and their situation. These agents are career professionals with years of experience in law enforcement, the military, or both. In addition, our agents are experts in self-defense, first-aid, and the law as it pertains to private security and personal privacy. Most importantly, our agents have extensive training and experience with protocols of conduct with executives and their families, domestic and foreign dignitaries, and other high profile individuals.

Moonstone’s protective services extend beyond our clients to their high profile guests. The list of VIPs for whom Moonstone has recently been privileged to provide protection includes a member of the British Royal family, current and former Governors of California, a Prime Minister from the Middle East, the Mayors of Los Angeles and New York, several members of the prestigious Forbes 400, a former President of Mexico, University Presidents, in addition to entertainment and media celebrities and others.


Personnel can be assigned on a seasonal, short-term, or long-term basis, or utilized for a specific event or situation.  Moonstone deploys agents licensed to carry concealed weapons anywhere in the United States.  The selection of personnel is always based on the needs of the client to maximize their security and comfort zone.  Moonstone also supports, trains, or augments the existing private security personnel of clients as needed.  Moonstone has a Rapid Response Team that can be deployed rapidly to diffuse emergencies.