Our experienced staff is available for consultation to develop and implement strategies for the collection, analysis, and preservation of evidence to be used in both civil and criminal forums. Our investigators have vast experience in cases ranging from simple theft to business espionage and related risk management concerns.

Our investigators have access to the most comprehensive set of databases, and most importantly our experts can effectively conduct a full analysis of intelligence gathered. As a result, our investigators can successfully identify previously undisclosed important factors to locate witnesses, assets, or uncover potential evidence or facts that either help or identify vulnerabilities potentially adverse to our client’s situation. Our investigators’ complete mastery of privacy, civil and criminal laws enable us to deliver consistent valuable results for our clients. Moonstone strictly adheres to all state and federal guidelines regarding individuals, employees’ and prospective employees’ rights to privacy and confidentiality. We stay informed through regular updates on existing guidelines and follow case law in this delicate area in order to provide exemplary service to our clients.